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Beach Volleyball Rules - Overhead Pass/Hand Setting

Clarification of the rules regarding hand setting in beach volleyball. More Rule VideosFirst Defensive Touch (Pt 1): https://youtu.be/OXQ-GVHGOBsFirst Defens...

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Beach ball or volleyball trainer for each student • Volleyball net (6 ft height) LESSON FOCUS Volleyball Skills — Overhand Pass, Forearm Pass Instructions Skills Practice the following skills: Overhand Pass To execute an overhand pass, the player moves underneath the ball and controls it with the fingertips. The cup of the fingers is made

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Pass the ball against the wall and catch it. 2. From a spot 6 feet from the wall, throw the ball against the wall and alternate an overhand pass with a forearm pass. 3. Throw the ball to one side (right or left) and move to the side to pass the ball to the wall. Catch the rebound. 4. Pass the ball directly overhead and catch it.

When can you hand set in beach volleyball? – Beachvolley Warrior

When can you hand set and overhand pass in beach volleyball? There’s actually no rule saying you can’t overhand pass with any of your three contacts. In theory, passing, setting and attacking the ball using your hands — it’s all legal. But you should expect referees to be very strict if you pass or attack with an overhand pass.

Volleyball Passing: Forearm vs. Overhand - Ace VolleyBall

The Overhand Pass Basically this move calls for you to set the ball on the first contact. Instead of waiting for the ball to travel down to your extended forearms, you raise your hands above your head and cushion the ball there.

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In beach volleyball the overhand pass is judged more strictly than in traditional volleyball. The rules that most affect this skill are those regarding legal contact of the ball. Because it is illegal to catch, palm, or throw the ball, the passer receiving a hard driven ball must be sure to keep contact brief and precise.

Volleyball Passing on the Beach

You'll likely noticed that many beach volleyball veterans have unusual volleyball passing techniques. Tomahawk, Face Dig, and Knuckle Pass example, you might have seen a beach player play a ball overhead with palms together.

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If you're talking about the pass: In beach play, overhand passes on the first contact are very rare because they are called very closely for double contact faults. Here's a legal one, you can see the other team is shocked by the strangeness of the play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEztujOJ2iA.